People from all around the world who are:

  • committed to closing the gap between where they are now and where they want to be

  • ready and willing to make the changes needed to close that gap

  • prepared to enjoy life and pass that enjoyment on to colleagues, customers, and family.

My current focus is on working with people in the creative arts; including performers, directors, producers, writers, visual artists, inspirational speakers

I also work with:

  • People diagnosed with ADHD who want to be understood and supported in using their considerable gifts to benefit themselves and the world.

  • Executives seeking career success and fulfillment

  • Professionals looking to enhance personal and business relationships

  • Entrepreneurs looking to build profitable businesses

  • People navigating life transitions

  • Those committed to personal growth and development

  • Visionaries who need to translate inspiration into action

  • Anyone who takes life too darn seriously for their own good.

Our conversations are confidential and pressure free.