Passing It On

I became a professional coach in 1990 when the modern coaching movement was just beginning to pick up steam.  My mentor was the late Thomas Leonard, an evangelist for the profession, as well as  a powerful and perceptive coach.  He helped me recover from some difficult circumstances, modeled coaching excellence, and helped me build a successful, sustainable coaching practice.

With Thomas in the lead, a group of us went on to create CoachU and the International Coach Federation.  It was an exciting time that left me with an enduring desire to mentor other up and coming coaches.  In the past 20+ years I have mentored more than 200 professional coaches including many leaders in the profession.

Three roles I play as a mentor coach:

  1. Coach you in your continuing human development.

  2. Assist you in building a profitable and sustainable business.

  3. Act as a supervisor, a colleague with whom you can discuss the situations you are facing with your clientele.

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Mentor Coaching Fees:

$500 per month or PayWhatYouEnjoy*