All4One Group Coaching

All4One is a year-long small group coaching experience for people who are ready to engage today with the big dreams they have been putting off till tomorrow. The guiding principles of All4One are:



All4one begins with a 3 day retreat that allows trust and safety to develop quickly.  We get the most from each other when we are being authentic: speaking our truths, feeling our feelings, being serious, being silly, being vulnerable, being our true selves.


The notion that brilliant and talented individuals accomplish amazing things on their own is pure myth!  We accomplish everything by learning from and inspiring each other, supporting each other, and by standing on the shoulders of those who came before us. Nothing worth doing is worth doing alone.


Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew. They're what allow you to grow and redraw the boundaries of what you thought was possible.  In All4One we look to find the kinds of challenges that inspire you to stretch and win!


Generosity works best, not when it is viewed as a concept of unselfish giving, but when it is practiced as a flow of giving and receiving; we come alive when we are able to contribute to others and, when we invite others to contribute to us, we grant them an opportunity to contribute as well.  Stay in the flow and your opportunities will grow!


Creativity is the art of discovering and using resources fully and in ways that are not obvious.  We each have vast resources, that when brought to an All4One group, can become much more than the sum of the parts.  The group becomes a magical matrix of resources, ideas, skills, knowledge, and wisdom.


We may be engaged in planning for the future, but the present is what we’ve got.  So why not enjoy it.  In All4One we seek to enjoy the process and each others company.  “Enjoy life! Pass it on!” is our motto.


When you imagine what you’d like to accomplish, what is it that puts a big grin on your face?  These Big Grin Goals are the kinds of objectives that participants bring to All4One. They work because they inspire not only the goal setter, but also the people around them. 


All4One Testimonials:

The All4One Game is a very special way to connect to other people who want to create, build and transform their work and lives in a joyful and honest way. Thank you Jay for guiding us with such patience and insight to become our best authentic selves.   Val B.
Having been part of 2 international and very diverse groups supported my becoming a coach, the coach I am today, in a much deeper and more fulfilling way than any training could have done. My life has changed so much – and definitely for the better. I am so grateful for that. You have been so generous, giving big love and tough love when needed or asked for.  Heidi Marie K.
It's not that hard to figure out that Jay Perry is THE cat for any form of coaching.  Smart, clear and a coach who has your best interests in the forefront. Now about this all4one…a group that will keep you accountable and fully supported. Oh yea… Jay is fun.   Ron H.
You know, for many, coaching is “solopreneurship.” Yet All4One has taken the “solo” out of this entrepreneurial adventure for me.  In addition to the wisdom and experience of our mentor coach, Jay, on a regular basis I get to contribute to and avail myself of a wealth of information and resources:  diverse skill sets, multiple perspectives and approaches to any given coaching situation, and the amazing generosity and commitment of several coaching colleagues, both within our group calls and separately one-on-one.  It isn’t always easy – to be surrounded by a group of your peers who specialize in personal and professional excellence and development and who are holding you to the task – and you’re doing the same for them.  But the willingness to be honest, vulnerable and educable when held within the fierce and loving embrace of our group only speaks to the trust and compassion that we have developed for ourselves and for each other.  And this dedicated practice, I am certain, makes us all better coaches – and better human beings.   Susan D.
Thank you for your mentorship and for creating All4One, the gold standard of coach preparation.  Your brilliance, experience, knowledge, and insight changed my life. Through All41 I have found more than colleagues; rather, friends for life.    Alice M.