Clients Get Results

I've worked with nearly 1000 individual clients on five continents since 1990.  

A typical coaching relationship up to 3 hours of individual time per month with additional interactions as needed.  Relationships can always be customized to fit the client's needs including:  additional time, on site visits, coaching multiple parties in a team or organization, 3 way conversations with bosses, associates, and supporters, trainings, 360 surveys, etc.

Some coaching relationships last a few months; some last for years.

My clients have successfully:

  • created mission and vision statements

  • faced and overcome personal fears

  • learned to promote themselves

  • discovered games worth playing

  • escaped from toxic, unhealthy environments

  • developed leaderships skills

  • developed strong communications skills

  • developed a sense of humor

  • gained confidence

  • resolved marital difficulties

  • learned to see themselves in new ways

  • learned lightness

  • kept going when they would have quit

  • reduced debt

  • increased income and profits

  • successfully started businesses

  • changed careers

  • written and published books

  • reduced stress

  • significantly improved business and personal relationships

  • gotten married

  • been promoted

  • learned from mistakes and failures

  • discovered creative solutions to challenging problems

  • redesigned organizations

  • created balanced, fulfilling lives


Individuals - $1000 per month or PayWhatYouEnjoy*