Patricia Lee Stotter, Emmy Award Winning Writer and Composer

Jay Perry just oozes creativity, empathy and support. He is all about good things. I hadn't seen Jay since high school when he showed up at a screening of a film about women veterans. After months of experiencing "un-helpful" comments made by well-intended civilians, Jay warmed the room with his empathy, insight and humor. Part artist, part catalyst, part teacher-Jay is a healer for individuals, groups and our little blue planet.

Lana Wilson, Award Winning Film Director

A Life-Changing Experience

"Jay has taught me how to make decisions in alignment with my big picture values and dreams. How to have difficult conversations, to notice what’s going on underneath the surface of my thoughts, to speak my truth in a way consistent with who I am. I care less about small things and more about what’s really important. Jay has extraordinary listening abilities, is a true creative champion, and with insight and humor has given me a broader - dare I say cosmic - perspective on how to enjoy my life."

Angelo Vermeulen, Visual Artist and Keynote Speaker.

Jay Perry has tremendous skill in finding and clarifying people’s creative potential. He does this almost effortlessly, with great listening talent and pin-sharp questions at just the right moment. He can rely on a huge range of experiences and taps into that very effectively – but only when needed. It’s sometimes almost uncanny how he manages to plant a creative ‘seed’ that only months later shows its true meaning and strength.

Bassam Tariq, Award Winning Film Maker

"Jay and I have been working for little over three months and I've already found a huge difference in my work ethic. He is supportive and a careful listener. His advice is pointed and his words are golden. TAKE NOTES and revisit them regularly. I am very grateful to be working with him and look forward to our sessions. He remembers details that I sometimes forget and is always willing to go the extra mile to explain something I do not understand. Work with Jay! You will not regret it."

Margaret Krigbaum

I cannot say enough good things about Jay Perry as a coach and a colleague. I trust his wisdom, I love his curiosity, and I revel in his humanity. His simple, direct approach modeled the best of coaching for me. I would not have the skill, the spirit, or the success that have graced my life without Jay.  
-MargaretKrigbaum, MCC, chief architect of the ICF credentialing program